Document Review

We were founded to create, implement and continually refine the best document review processes for the legal industry.

Document review is what we were built to do. In 2005, we changed the hourly-billing paradigm by pioneering a fixed-fee model, bringing cost reduction and predictability to the process. Today, we are still the leader in fixed-fee document review, with facilities nationwide.

We perform domestic, automated and offshore reviews on a wide range of platforms. Our flexible approach allows us to work with either a client-selected tool or one of the many options our Technology Services team offers.

Because document review means many different things, we have created a multi-faceted approach.

Best of Legal Times Managed Document Review

Document Review Services

Clients Turn To Us For The Highest Quality Review

First-pass review

Facilitation of outside counsel review by segregating relevant or responsive files from irrelevant data, identifying priority “hot” documents, applying basic issue coding and conducting a first-level screen for privilege

Second-pass review

Enhanced issue coding and preparation of witness and expert kits

Redaction and privilege log creation

Redaction for privilege, confidentiality, privacy, etc.

Privilege review support

Advanced privilege analysis and preparation of privilege log under direct supervision of responsible counsel

Confidentiality and privacy screening

Screening of documents (particularly in regulatory productions) for personal and customer privacy issues, confidentiality reviews for litigation matters

BizBlast review

Quick identification and segregation of non-substantive bulk business email

How DiscoverReady is Different


DiscoverReady first changed the hourly-billing paradigm by pioneering fixed-fee review. Then we changed the paradigm for privilege review by offering PrivBank®, the first automated privilege document screening process. We are now changing the paradigm once again through our Analytics & Automation services, which include Predictive Coding Plus™, a breakthrough in intelligent, automated review.


We continually drive ourselves to find ways to do it even better — to lower costs, reduce risk and improve quality within the process — inspired by the brightest ediscovery consulting professionals, leading technologies and time- and client-tested processes.


We have a deep understanding of the substantive issues that clients face and are able to apply and adapt that knowledge for them, supported by dedicated practice groups with focused subject-matter expertise. We are experts in a vast array of discovery technologies and know what tools will work best for each client’s matter.


Supporting cases large and small, we have the scale and flexibility to handle what our clients need. We review millions of pages every day, and work on hundreds of distinct projects in a year. Multi-million dollar investments in multiple technology centers across the country ensure we can handle the most demanding requirements.

i-Decision Automated Review
i-Decision Automated Review
PrivBank Privilege Review
PrivBank Privilege Review
Apex eDiscovery Review
Apex eDiscovery Review