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Sensitive Data in E-Discovery: Find It, Cull It, Protect It

August 14, 2017 by Maureen O'Neill

As volumes of electronically stored information increase, more and more sensitive data finds its way into ESI collected for legal matters, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to effectively protect sensitive data in discovery. We explore some specific measures to protect sensitive data that can be incorporated into e-discovery project workflows. Learn how to find it, cull it, and protect your client's or organizations's sensitive data in e-discovery.

Survey Says? Not Ready for GDPR

July 31, 2017 by Phil Richards

With all this attention, shouldn't we assume that every organization subject to the GDPR—which is quite a broad group—is diligently preparing? After all, the GDPR goes into effect in May 2018, less than a year from now. Is your organization going to be compliant before the GDPR regulations take effect?