DiscoverReady is a leading Information Intelligence solution provider specializing in legal, compliance, and governance.


DiscoverReady Respond drives down legal discovery costs—with proven accuracy and defensibility.

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DiscoverReady Comply makes finding and acting on relevant information faster and more cost-effective.

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DiscoverReady Protect helps you quickly identify and act on sensitive data to keep your business safe.

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Managing Data Security and Privacy in Litigation: Securing Every Link in the Chain


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GDPR Readiness

Preparing for GDPR Compliance With A Little Help from Our (Law Firm) Friends

Sensitive Data Protection

Sensitive Data in E-Discovery: Find It, Cull It, Protect It


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, and TAR

Why DiscoverReady?

Measurable Quality

Our processing, hosting, and production error rate for the past four years is less than 1%

Proven Security

We were the first company to implement multi-stage sensitive data checks throughout the Discovery lifecycle

Demonstrable Innovation

We’ve created powerful, custom technology capabilities for data processing, hosting, analytics, and review that only available from DiscoverReady