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Sampling for Sensitive Data: Sample “Depth”

October 11, 2016 by Eric Willis

In this post, we focus on a complexity of estimating richness, precision, and recall when searching for sensitive information: sample “depth.” Sample “depth” is the level at which we intend to measure and remediate. Learn about sensitive data in your sampling.

EU-US Privacy Shield – The Price of Admission

August 26, 2016 by Jeanne Somma

On July 12, 2016, the European Commission announced its final approval of the EU-US Privacy Shield framework, which replaces the US Department of Commerce "Safe Harbor" program. Safe Harbor formerly served as one of several mechanisms for companies in the EU to transfer personal data from the EU to the US, but the European Court of Justice invalidated the program in the fall of 2015, on the grounds that it failed to adequately protect the privacy rights of EU citizens.