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The Power of Positive Disruption

Industry standard. Best practices. When we hear phrases like those, we start asking questions. Standard why? Best practices for whom? Is there a better way—and not just a little better, but radically, fundamentally better? The answer is often yes—but you have to be brave enough to try.

That’s what we do at DiscoverReady every day. Our innovative solutions enable our clients to act quickly and confidently with their information—whether it’s responding to legal discovery, improving compliance, or protecting sensitive information. And our results deliver measurable value—reducing risk, improving quality, and saving money. Dedicated to collaborative partnership for the long term, we are built to meet the ever-changing capacity and security needs of our clients while focused on delivering superior value.

Blazing Paths to Information Intelligence

In 2005, a group of experienced attorneys started DiscoverReady. The goal? To improve e-discovery for litigation and regulatory matters, raising quality and lowering costs. With technology-driven efficiency, targeted expertise, and streamlined processes, they helped transform the industry.

Today at DiscoverReady, we continue those innovations. Applying smart analytics in creative ways, and drawing from our deep bench of technology talent, we’re creating new solutions for information management in legal discovery and across the entire enterprise. In addition to enabling clients to take control of e-discovery, we help them slash the cost and complexity of compliance, and secure sensitive information inside vast volumes of data.

Executive Leadership

CEO, DiscoverReady

James Schellhase

Chief Executive Officer

John Ritter

President & Chief Operations Officer
Todd Tennell, CFO

Todd Tennell

Chief Financial Officer

Phil Richards

Chief Technology Officer