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Lessons in Compliance from Legaltech 2017

Earlier this month at Legaltech we assembled a panel of three in-house experts to discuss preparing for and navigating through compliance issues successfully. The discussion, a step outside the normal talk of e-discovery, resulted in a session ripe with audience participation and even yielded an article on

Knowledge Management: Transforming Litigation Discovery into Organizational Intelligence

By adding human insight, Knowledge Management (KM) transforms a flat dataset of information into a treasure trove of centralized intelligence, which can be used to make informed business decisions. In the specific context of litigation and regulatory discovery, our experience at DiscoverReady shows that a comprehensive knowledge management strategy can play a critical role in shaping future decisions by clients and counsel. In this blog, we’ll cover some approachable starting points to build a robust KM program into discovery efforts.

Law Firms Under Attack by Cybercriminals: The Saga Continues

Earlier this year, we reported on the blog about a campaign by hackers to target major U.S. law firms, aimed at stealing confidential information that could be used for insider trading. Well, it appears that a few of these cybercriminals found some success.

EU-US Privacy Shield: Good News & Bad News

We’ve got some good news and some bad news regarding the EU-US Privacy Shield, the trans-Atlantic data transfer framework approved by regulators in July of 2016. The U.S. Department of Commerce recently approved DiscoverReady’s Privacy Shield self-certification submission, which means that our clients may lawfully transfer personal data from the EU to us.

Microsoft Office 365 – Q&A on eDiscovery Strategies and Best Practices

We recently held a webinar on this subject titled “Managing eDiscovery in Microsoft Office 365: Strategies and Best Practices". During the webinar, attendees submitted a number of questions that we ran out of time to answer, so we decided to address those questions, and some of the associated issues they raised, here on our blog.