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Built to Pass Strict Audits

The world’s most demanding enterprise clients trust us as their information intelligence partner. Our data security measures include physical, logical, and process controls designed to protect our clients’ most sensitive data, and pass their most strict security audits.

Physical Data Security and Facility Access

DiscoverReady tightly controls access to our physical facilities. Only authorized persons may enter our operations centers, data storage locations, and review rooms—entry controlled by a dual card-key and biometric system. Employees are required wear their photo ID badge, and visitors escorted at all times. We utilize CCTV video surveillance and security guards with a 24x7x365 presence.

Cyber Security

To prevent unauthorized data access, we maintain a fully locked-down firewall, intrusion detection systems, and conduct regular penetration testing (using a third-party) to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Logical Data Security

We use controlled data storage to prevent unauthorized movement of data within or outside of the system. Access to every client database is rights-managed, and we create separate logical entities at the client and case level.

Process Controls for Data Security

We maintain comprehensive process controls for access and handling of sensitive data by our employees including encrypted laptops, ability to wipe mobile devices, VPN access to internal systems, and required adherence to our security policies in employee agreements.


All of our data security measures are audited on a regular schedule based upon their level of risk.