Infrastructure Security

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Engineered for the Enterprise

Our information technology infrastructure meets the quality, speed, and security expectations of the most demanding enterprise clients.

Certified Tier 4 Data Center

Our Uptime Institute-certified Tier 4 data center is designed for mission-critical servers and systems, with fully redundant subsystems (including cooling, power, network connections, and storage) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access.

Effective Disaster Recovery Planning

DiscoverReady maintains a robust disaster recovery plan that provides clear directives and detailed procedures in case of a business interruption or disaster. Our plan contemplates the various disaster risks we might face, including building loss, internet loss, SAN outage, server outage, email outage, phone system outage, power outage, and workforce loss. The plan assesses the probability of each risk occurring, the impact of the problem on our business and our clients’ matters, and the functions affected by the problem.