The DiscoverReady difference

Smart people. Smart technology. Smart solutions.

We know there’s always a better way. By following the path of conscious improvement for more than a decade, we’ve created a uniquely efficient and effective approach to information intelligence—for legal discovery and beyond. Our approach delivers measurable value to the enterprise: lower costs, improved efficiency, rock-solid defensibility. It’s the DiscoverReady difference.

The right talent at every level

We optimize our teams for every task, using each individual’s talents to the fullest without overspending on unnecessary resources.

Process-driven defensibility

By constantly measuring quality and efficiency, we hone in on the best approach. Our documentation and reporting provides full visibility and enables defense of process.

Proven technology, smart application

New technologies energize us, but we only integrate those that have been proven to enhance our processes. Our skilled technologists have unmatched expertise across different platforms, and possess the practical experience to determine which solutions best meet client needs.

Enterprise security and scale

We’re built for business with the ability to handle projects of any size, on the most demanding timetables. Security is our highest priority, and our Tier 4 certified data center proudly serves the world’s most regulated enterprises.

Long-term partnership

We partner with clients to find the best way to support each project—big or small—with the right mix of people and technology. We consider long-term benefits for our clients, not just immediate results.

Our service areas

    Technology Services

    Our high-capacity, secure technology services infrastructure supports enterprise and scale data processing, hosting, and production. We choose the most effective software tools available, and then add powerful, innovative customization that drives speed, quality, and capacity up—and cost down. View all Technology Services >

    Review Services

    A decade of DiscoverReady leading the industry in managed document review pays off for you with increased accuracy and defensibility, unbeatable nationwide agility, and reduced total cost. View all Review Services >

    Consulting Services

    Our consulting teams combine industry knowledge, technical skill, and real-world experience to solve your toughest challenges. By dovetailing DiscoverReady best practices with your infrastructure, culture, and strategic goals, we help you achieve transformative value. View all Consulting Services >

Information intelligence powered by FindForward™ Analytics

Finding the information that matters gets harder every day. DiscoverReady delivers information intelligence—the ability to identify, understand, and act on your important information.

We combine proven technology and processes with powerful analytics tools to generate innovative, effective solutions. Our distinctive approach delivers fast results while ensuring defensibility and accuracy. It’s how we reduce risk. It’s how we bring down costs. We call it FindForward™ Analytics.

Find what you need: FindForward™ Analytics helps you efficiently sort through piles of irrelevant, distracting material, and find what’s relevant to the task at hand. Using search and retrieval techniques, data analytics technology, and statistical sampling, we hone in on what you’re looking for—and set aside what you’re not.

Accelerate action: Whether you need to respond to legal discovery, improve compliance, or protect sensitive information, FindForward™ Analytics gives you options for quick, effective action.

Reduce risk: We build quality control into FindForward™ Analytics to ensure accuracy. By measuring and quantifying your results, we boost defensibility and reduce risk.

Lower cost: FindForward™ Analytics brings down the cost of information intelligence. With the right technology and targeted solutions, we eliminate inefficiency from your workflows and maximize the productivity of every resource deployed to a project.

Contact us to learn more about FindForward™ Analytics and what it can do for your company.