Consulting Services

Deep experience and specialized expertise in information intelligence

DiscoverReady Consulting Services helps you take on the toughest information intelligence challenges. We help you find and implement the approach that delivers the most effective results at the lowest cost. Our consultants are experienced specialists in improving litigation and regulatory discovery, with more than a decade of industry-leading expertise. Their services also extend to protecting sensitive information and easing the burden of compliance. Across a wide range of scenarios, they know how to deploy, support, and drive adoption of effective tools and processes.

Our consultants engage with our internal operations teams to choose and optimize the approach to every task. They also partner directly with clients, working on-site to immerse themselves in culture, infrastructure, and processes. By fully understanding your strategic goals, our consultants guide you through transformative improvements.

How our consultants can help

  • Enterprise discovery planning

    Automate and streamline your litigation, regulation, and compliance discovery processes to save time and money while improving defensibility. Our consultants develop proactive readiness plans that let you react quickly and effectively to demands from regulators and litigation opponents. And we can partner with you and your counsel to negotiate strategic protocols with your opponents that minimize your burden of data discovery and production.

  • Analytics strategy

    Our seasoned technical experts and review specialists work with your team to design and implement the right analytics strategy for the matter. Whether it’s predictive coding, concept-based clustering, communications networking, or good ol’ fashioned keyword searches, or a combination of approaches—our consultants ensure that the process is defensible and the results are verified.

  • Process development and improvement

    When an individual matter requires special attention, DiscoverReady consultants are there—helping you select tools, design workflows, and define processes and protocols. But when you need a more holistic look at your approach, we can help you with a process improvement initiative. Whether working at one of our locations or at yours, our consultants leverage their expertise to develop, implement, and support your best process.

  • Custom technology solutions

    Sometimes out-of-the-box technology tools just don’t work for your particular information intelligence needs. Our consulting team can develop custom solutions that augment the tools you’re using, better integrate multiple tools together, or offer entirely new mechanisms for getting the job done.

  • Project management

    Need standalone project management support? Supplement your internal resources with the expert DiscoverReady project management team. They’ll help you get your project done on time and on budget, with the visibility to prove it at every step.