Review Services

DiscoverReady brings more than a decade of review innovation to your legal department – and your entire business.

Delivering value to the enterprise with innovative document review

We revolutionized an industry with our managed document review—and we’ve never stopped innovating. DiscoverReady continues to increase accuracy, boost defensibility, and lower the cost of document review for our customers.

We have the specialized expertise and scalable capacity to handle your most challenging review needs. Our flexible approach to technology means we can use the tools you already rely on, or work with our Technology Services team to find the right solution for your project. Whether you’re responding to litigation discovery, satisfying compliance obligations, or working to find and protect sensitive data—you’ll find the information you’re looking for quickly and confidently with DiscoverReady Review Services.

How we’re different

  • Driven innovation

    We’re passionate about finding smarter ways to accomplish document review. Powered by our FindForwardTM Analytics, DiscoverReady review efficiently hones in on what you’re looking for—and sets aside what you’re not. Our standard workflows incorporate services such as concept clustering analytics, e-mail threading, predictive coding, and automated screens for privilege and other sensitive content—delivering fast insight and enabling swift action.

  • Defensible quality

    Continuous, documented feedback among the review team, client, and counsel keeps everyone on the same page, so review decisions are correct and consistent. We measure quality using both statistical and judgmental sampling protocols, and provide valuable metrics that give our clients the confidence to prove defensibility and support proportionality.

  • Unbeatable experience

    Having led the managed review industry for more than 10 years, we understand what top-quality, high-value review means to your business. Dedicated practice groups with focused subject-matter expertise get results fast. Knowledgeable review teams effectively transfer critical information to counsel and the client. We’ve reviewed hundreds of millions of documents—and we bring our experience to bear on every new project.

  • Enterprise ready

    Multi-million dollar investments in review and technology centers across the country ensure we can handle the largest and most demanding projects. The advanced security in our state-of-the-art review centers exceeds the most stringent corporate and law firm requirements. Learn more about our Tier 4 datacenter.

Review Services Capabilities

  • First-pass review

    • Segregation of relevant files from irrelevant content
    • Priority “hot” document identification
    • Basic issue coding
    • First-level screening for privilege

  • Second-pass review

    • Enhanced issue coding
    • Preparation of witness and expert kits

  • Privilege review and privilege log creation

    • Advanced privilege review and analysis
    • Preparation of privilege logs

  • Redaction

    • Redaction for privilege, confidentiality, privacy, and other protected categories

  • Confidentiality and privacy screening

    • Screening and review for individual and customer privacy
    • Screening and review for confidential and business proprietary content

  • Foreign language review

    • First-pass, second-pass, privilege, and other types of review for foreign language content

  • Targeted ECA review

    • Focused reviews for early case assessment
    • Apex™ review for initial assessment of review strategy

  • Knowledge management support

    • Preparation of matter summaries
    • Creation of witness, product, and issue profiles