Technology Services

Enabling information intelligence

With our industry leading processing, hosting, and production capabilities, DiscoverReady Technology Services enables information intelligence for the enterprise. Organizations need fast, accurate, secure, and scalable data throughput—and that’s what DiscoverReady delivers. We’re innovators, constantly finding new ways to automate and improve.

  • Secure, high-performance technology infrastructure

    Our world-class information technology infrastructure—with our cross-replicated Tier 4 data center at its core—can handle any data challenge. We maintain three petabytes of data storage, and our systems can process multiple terabytes of data every day. End users access data on ultra-fast Internet connections. And we designed our physical, logical, and process controls to protect your most sensitive data and pass your strictest security audits.

  • Effective, carefully chosen software

    We get to know your goals first, and only then choose the right software to accomplish them. Whether it’s industry stalwarts like Relativity, Nuix, or Law, or exciting new offerings from leading-edge companies, DiscoverReady gives you choice and flexibility so you’re never locked in. And we secure licensing agreements that maximize our efficiency with these tools.

  • Innovating and integrating

    As powerful as our software tools are off the shelf, they reach their full potential only after our talented developers get their hands on them. We create custom scripts and applications that automate processing, streamline workflows, and optimize document review.

  • Measurable quality

    At each phase of a project, we implement our standardized and documented quality control processes—some of the most rigorous in the industry. We deploy both automated and human quality checks of our hardware and software output, to find and fix problems before deliverables go out. You can have confidence that our top-quality work will satisfy your information obligations with minimal risk of error.

Technology Service Capabilities

  • Processing

    • Multiple TB per day ingestion capacity
    • High-quality output with multiple manual and automated checkpoints
    • Advanced decryption technology
    • Automated file repair
    • Non-standard file handling including Bloomberg files, cross-database reporting, Clearwell wrappers, and iWork files

  • Production

    • Advanced custom production tools
    • Hundreds of servers capable of exporting thousands of pages per hour
    • Tiffing capacity of tens of millions of pages per week

  • Hosting

    • World-class Relativity and Relativity Analytics support
    • Relativity-certified administrators and specialists in infrastructure, review, and analytics
    • Clearwell, Ringtail, Concordance, and Attenex capabilities
    • Constant measurement and optimization of doc-to-doc browsing speeds
    • Dashboard matter management with real-time reporting
    • Sophisticated redaction tools including audio redaction, native redaction, and auto-redaction
    • Integrated hosting support for source code identification, PII identification, and PrivBank privilege screening