Case Studies

Tech Leader Slashes Total Cost of Legal Discovery with DiscoverReady Respond

Company Profile

A Fortune 20 designer and manufacturer of computer hardware and software.

Matter Summary

Multiple and frequent legal matters, including patent infringement claims, government investigations and regulatory proceedings, and general commercial litigation.

Services Utilized
  • Review Services
  • Consulting Services


Our client constantly litigates patent infringement claims, government investigations, regulatory proceedings, and general commercial suits. The in-house legal team managed document review individually for each matter, using outside counsel’s review services or working with a staffing firm. This created a number of financial and operational challenges:

  • Staffing firms couldn’t handle complex technical documents, tight deadlines, and frequent start-up of new matters.
  • Lax quality control caused excessive re-review.
  • Communication breakdowns wasted time and required duplication of effort.
  • Disparate processes and multiple vendors caused security risks around business-critical information and data.


Collaborating with the client and outside counsel, we implemented DiscoverReady Respond, a custom solution that improves review quality while driving down total cost. Together, we created streamlined workflows, assembled a dedicated review team, implemented rigorous quality control, and enhanced the physical and logical security protocols for review. By consolidating all document review with DiscoverReady, the client was able to simplify and improve discovery while achieving significant cost savings with:

  • Teams of specialized, client-dedicated project managers and reviewers work in high-security managed review centers nationwide.
  • Experts experienced in reviewing technical documents and software code quickly identify responsive material.
  • A standardized, documented review workflow with built-in quality control maximizes efficiency and accuracy.
  • Customized reporting provides total visibility into the review process—to the client and to outside counsel.
  • Knowledge management and information transfer protocols reduce duplicate effort.
  • Embedded DiscoverReady consultants improved internal processes


  • $20 million savings in the first year attributable to process efficiencies, reduction of outside counsel billable time, and predictable per-document review pricing.
  • Improved communication significantly reduced costs associated with unnecessary “re-review” work.
  • Continued efficiency gains through continuous measurement and improvement.