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Applying Custom Digital Technology to a Warehouse of Paper

A global corporation that operates retail, grocery, and online stores faced an employee class action suit with 100 named plaintiffs, which required collection of more than 7,000 boxes of paper files that spanned twenty years of company history.

Custom Workflows, Smart Analytics Achieve High Volume Production in Tight Timeframe

The company has been challenged by multi-district litigation cases related to unexpected side effects of a cancer drug. The team faced several challenges relating to the volume and complexity of the document set. An initial review collection consisted of highly technical regulatory documents, each containing an average of 40,000 pages. That collection also included various types of sensitive content requiring redaction.

DiscoverReady Helps AMLaw 200 Firm Meet Review Deadline Jeopardized by Existing Vendor

This case was a fast-moving class action lawsuit. With just four weeks to complete review for responsiveness and privilege on a data set of nearly one million documents, outside counsel called DiscoverReady on a Friday morning to request help with review and production of documents under short deadline.

Cross-Matter Custodian Spanish Language Document Review

A Fortune 500 international retail banking client with annual revenue of more than 90 Billion dollars. Matter Summary: Multiple investment risk and suitability cases caused by the Puerto Rico sovereign debt crisis and substantial decline in the market for Puerto Rican municipal securities asserted by Puerto Rico residents against the client …

Defensibly Reducing Review Volume through Statistical Search Term Optimization

A Fortune 20 international financial services company with annual revenue of more than $85 billion. Matter Summary: Frequent, high-profile litigation and regulatory matters involving large volumes of extremely sensitive data that must be reviewed against tight deadlines and high expectations of quality …

Tech Leader Slashes Total Cost Of Legal Discovery With DiscoverReady Respond

A Fortune 20 designer and manufacturer of computer hardware and software. Matter Summary: Multiple and frequent legal matters, including patent infringement claims, government investigations and regulatory proceedings, and general commercial litigation …

20 TB of Partially Corrupted Data Processed Within Narrow Timeframe

One of the largest retail advertising placement companies in North America. Matter Summary: A group of competitors sued for defamation, business disparagement, tortious interference, and misappropriation of trade secrets …

Search Term Optimization Delivers $4 Million Savings

A Fortune 200 domestic pharmaceutical company and a Fortune Global 250 international pharmaceutical company, with combined annual revenues of more than $49 billion. Matter Summary: High-profile litigation involving large volumes of proprietary data that must be reviewed against tight deadlines and high expectations for quality …

Telecom In Multiparty Antitrust Matter Reduced Total Cost Through Predictive Coding And Managed Review

A wireless telecommunications company with annual revenue of more than $20 billion. Matter Summary: Claims of unfair competition, price-fixing, and other violations of antitrust law were brought against a group of suppliers …


Predictive Coding Reduces Time And Cost Of Regulatory Review Matter

A major online retailer. Matter Summary: A significant backlog of alerts coming from OFAC and sanctions database with many alerts containing foreign language …

Reducing Enterprise Risk and Cost of Compliance Review

A Fortune 250 energy services company with annual revenue of $14.5 billion. Matter Summary: A high-profile investigatory matter involving discovery requests from a state regulatory agency and a state attorney general …

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