20 TB of Partially Corrupted Data Processed Within Narrow Timeframe

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One of the largest retail advertising placement companies in North America.


A group of competitors sued for defamation, business disparagement, tortious interference, and misappropriation of trade secrets.


  • Technology Services
  • Analytics
  • Managed Review


Our client represented a defendant sued for numerous unethical business trade practices, and the case required securely processing large amounts of data that was only available in limited file formats, much of which had been corrupted or damaged. Specific challenges included:

  • Tight deadlines for processing 20 TB of data from multiple deliveries across numerous data types.
  • Client collection abilities and timeline limitations resulted in data only being available as Encase images and Microsoft Exchange Database (EDB) files.
  • Much of the data received was corrupt or damaged.


Our team quickly went to work on processing the required data for the client. We operate in the “real world” of data processing where often data arrives in unusual formats, can be corrupt/damaged, arrives over extended timeframes and out of order, and may need significant work in addition to the capabilities available in standard processing tools. Our solution includes:

  • Very large standing capacity for processing data.
  • Custom developed processing capabilities enable us to process numerous diverse data types and to compensate for corrupt or damaged data.
  • All our capabilities work together to provide a comprehensive, high-quality and high-capacity system.


Our capabilities and exceptional levels of service enabled us to exceed the client’s requirements in this case. We easily met their tight timelines which in turn enabled them to meet their obligations. They were delighted with the quality of our data handling and responsiveness of our approach which included:

  • Converting the EDB files to standard file types for processing.
  • Successfully processing, deduplicating, filtering, analyzing and loading multiple TBs of data received from multiple data deliveries, within days.
  • Converting, cleaning, fixing and processing the data faster than the client was able to deliver collected data.

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