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A Fortune 500 international retail banking client with annual revenue of more than 90 Billion dollars.


Multiple investment risk and suitability cases caused by the Puerto Rico sovereign debt crisis and substantial decline in the market for Puerto Rican municipal securities asserted by Puerto Rico residents against the client.


  • Review Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Technology Services


Our client sought to reduce risk and cost by minimizing the number of times a document had to be reviewed for the purposes of production in multiple litigations while ensuring a high level of consistency across matters. Specific challenges included:

  • Need to ensure documents were redacted and protected for privilege/privacy consistently across different litigations.
  • A high number of Spanish language documents that needed to be identified and reviewed.
  • Review and Quality control by counsel was at a high cost/time due to the need to ensure that Spanish documents were reviewed for Responsiveness and that Private Information was not produced.


Collaborating with the client and outside counsel, we implemented DiscoverReady Respond, a custom solution that improves review quality while driving down total cost. Together, we created streamlined workflows, a data repository, assembled a dedicated review team, implemented rigorous quality control, and enhanced the physical and logical security protocols for review. The client was able to simplify
and improve discovery while achieving significant cost savings with:

  • A combination of expert managed review with award-winning, technology-assisted review capabilities that ensured consistency of coding and redactions across the multiple related matters.
  • Teams of dedicated English and Spanish speaking Reviewers that are experienced with prior reviews for the financial industry and the client.
  • Document type, file type, and social networking analysis to further reduce non-responsive documents from review and identify Spanish vs. English documents.


  • Cost savings attributable to process efficiencies, reduction of outside counsel billable time, and predictable per-document review pricing.
  • Reduction of review and improved consistency of productions across multiple related matters.
  • Eliminated risks and potential exposure via physical and logical security of personal client sensitive data.

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