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Blue Dots and Implications of Bias in Document Review

As we work with clients on data analytics projects—whether for legal discovery, compliance programs, or other information governance initiatives—we routinely use technology-assisted review and

Turning Known Unknowns into Known Knowns: Statistical Sampling in Search Term Workflows

Here at DiscoverReady, we believe in the power of incorporating TAR and other analytics into discovery workflows—these tools can reduce volumes of electronically stored information, effectively

Properly Preserving Digital Evidence

Digital forensics play an increasingly significant role in civil litigation. Your actions, or even non-actions, can affect the integrity and admissibility of digital evidence. This article should

The GDPR One Month In—A Data Privacy News Roundup

One month ago today the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) became effective. So what’s happened since then? Did the regulation usher in a massive upheaval to organizations

The GDPR is Here—And We Feel Pretty Good

Today marks a significant compliance milestone for organizations around the world—after a two-year transition period, the EU General Data Protection Regulation is now effective. So much has been