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The Am Law Daily: “Legal Jobs in Charlotte? DiscoverReady is Hiring”

When  the words “jobs” and “Charlotte” appear in news reports, in the same sentence, The Am Law Daily typically expects the word “layoff” to follow. So we were pleasantly surprised by an article in the Charlotte Observer earlier this week that e-discovery firm DiscoverReady plans to hire about 100 lawyers in the Queen City. OK, these are contract positions to perform document review, but in this economy 100 new legal jobs of any kind is news.

The Am Law Daily caught up with K. Matthew Miller, a former IP associate with Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice in Charlotte who moved to DiscoverReady on June 1. Miller is managing the company’s new Charlotte e-discovery center and heading its IP group. He says the company will fill some full-time staff positions for lawyers and support staff, but he doesn’t yet have a firm number of permanent spots to be filled…

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