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Implementing the GDPR: Country-by-Country Resource Guide

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect. Last year we posted some helpful resources for organizations to come up to speed on the requirements of the GDPR, and to begin planning their compliance efforts. We recently came across another resource that we wanted to share.

One of the objectives of the GDPR is to provide a uniform framework for the protection of personal data throughout the EU—the regulation will automatically apply to all EU member states. However, through a mechanism known as “opening clauses,” the GDPR establishes a number of areas in which individual member states may legislate within their national system—with more strict, less strict, or more detailed rules. One significant area in which member states are permitted to enact specific rules is the processing of employee personal data. Thus, even under the GDPR there will still be some variation in data protection rules among the EU countries.

For organizations processing personal data in multiple EU member states, keeping track of the state-by-state variation can be daunting. However, the law firm Reed Smith is helping with that effort, by offering several resources to help companies navigate these individual member state laws, including two charts that track the status of national GDPR legislation in each country. Thanks to the team at Reed Smith for their work on this effort!

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