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Looking for Best-of-Breed EDD

It is difficult to find the silver bullet that does everything an organization needs in EDD [electronic data discovery]. That’s where integration and partnerships come in. Although 2007 was a year of merger and acquisitions, 2008 will be the year of open standards and integration. This will allow organizations to choose best-of-breed products that work together and allow vendors to offer organizations silver bullets through the combination of products and services.

Much has been said about lawyers changing their business model from the billable hour to a task-based system. Similarly, DiscoverReady is promoting its EDD cost by the document, not the gigabyte. DiscoverReady provides fixed-fee legal document reviews using its Apex Review, which samples data and takes into consideration a project’s content, timeline and budget to get to the per-document fee. This certainty in e-discovery billing flies in the face of the conventional per-gigabyte charge and is controversial…

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