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Earlier this month at Legaltech we assembled a panel of three in-house experts to discuss preparing for and navigating through compliance issues successfully. The discussion, a step outside the normal talk of e-discovery, resulted in a session ripe with audience participation and even yielded an article on Law.com.

Navigating Through Compliance Issues Successfully- Legaltech Panel from DiscoverReady

The panel described the obstacles they have faced as each passing year compliance requirements become more numerous and complex. The risks of violating these requirements run the gambit from possible breaches from within a company’s own workforce to issues surrounding globalization of corporations. Coming from different industries (energy and tech) the panelists gave the audience their unique perspectives on a variety of compliance issues and how they affected their own companies. The panelists also shared their best advice for reacting to these issues.

Julie Richer, Legal Operations & Discovery Manager at American Electric Power talked through the light at the end of the tunnel – the preparedness plan. She described the need to establish crisis management plans that included a response team, training, certifications for employees and mock scenario run throughs. The ability to do a little planning goes along way to handle compliance issues as they crop up. You can read Ricci Dipshan’s in-depth coverage of the panel for Law.com.

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