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Know Your Data Webinar Series | Chasing Purple Unicorns: Deconstructing Information Governance Myths and Curbing Enterprise Risk

Data management is a big problem. With the size of the digital universe doubling every 2 years today’s enterprises are faced with significant legal, financial and other business risk and costs related to protecting, managing and discovering their most critical information. Join our panel of experts who will dispel common myths about Information Governance and discuss strategies for making your information governance program legendary.

Know Your Data Webinar Series | Evidence in your Pocket? How to Collect and Review Data from Mobile Devices

The ubiquity of smartphones has led them to become, in many instances, the cornerstone to many investigations while often containing potentially responsive and unique information for discovery requests. Understanding the challenges involved in collecting and reviewing mobile device data can help you drastically reduce time and costs associated with this task. Implementing the right review strategy will streamline efficiencies and get you the information you need in a format you are familiar with.

Know Your Data Webinar Series | Managing Sensitive Data in Discovery: Strategies and Tools for Avoiding Data Disasters

In this webinar, our experts explore how clients, counsel, and eDiscovery case teams can minimize the risk of sensitive data disasters with thoughtful strategies, customized workflows, and the effective use of technology and analytics tools.

Managing eDiscovery In Microsoft Office 365: Strategies And Best Practices

In this webinar we discuss how to use Office365 to support litigation and regulatory discovery.

Managing Data Security and Privacy in Litigation: Securing Every Link in the Chain

In this webcast, we will discuss how attorneys and e-discovery professionals can strengthen those weak links.

Respond: Controlling The Total Cost Of Discovery

In this panel discussion, legal department professionals explore three strategies for controlling discovery costs.

Cybersecurity and Data Espionage: Spy Stories for Lawyers

Listen to Eric O’Neill—inspiration for the hit movie Breach—describe how he solved a string of cyber-crimes and took down Robert Hanssen.

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Know Your Data Webinar Series | Evidence in your Pocket? How to Collect and Review Data from Mobile Devices