Managing Data Security and Privacy in Litigation: Securing Every Link in the Chain

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Managing Data Security and Privacy in Litigation: Securing Every Link in the Chain

It’s difficult enough to effectively secure private and sensitive information within a company’s own four walls; when information flows into discovery for litigation and regulatory matters, weak links in the data security chain create substantial additional risk.

In this webcast, we will discuss how attorneys and e-discovery professionals can strengthen those weak links. Learn how to:

  • Plan for data security and privacy in advance of discovery
  • Set expectations for e-discovery providers and law firms handling sensitive data
  • Search large data sets to effectively identify the various types of sensitive information in the collection
  • Establish discovery workflows that incorporate robust protections for sensitive data
  • Protect information turned over to opposing parties and the court.

Maureen O’Neill, SVP–Discovery Strategy & Data Privacy/Security at DiscoverReady
A recognized thought leader in e-discovery, Maureen collaborates with the company’s clients and operations teams to develop innovative information strategies for legal discovery, compliance, and sensitive data protection. She speaks and writes frequently on significant issues in e-discovery and information governance, and participates actively in the Sedona Conference Working Groups on Electronic Document Retention and Production and Data Privacy and Security. Prior to DiscoverReady, Maureen was a partner at Paul Hastings LLP, where she represented Fortune 100 companies in complex employment litigation matters.

Jennifer Shea Knox, Director, Enterprise Data Analytics at DiscoverReady
Jennifer oversees expansion and productization of DiscoverReady’s Enterprise Data Analytics offerings, including identification, management, and remediation of sensitive data. Jennifer previously managed the teams responsible for DiscoverReady’s world-class operational and technology solutions, delivering fast, accurate, secure, and scalable data solutions for clients. Jennifer has worked closely with Legal, Records Management, and Information Security teams to drive Legal and Information Governance technology strategy, while protecting critical enterprise information. Jennifer’s experience also includes leading teams tasked with developing and implementing patented legal technology applications for Legal, Compliance, and Regulatory Audit divisions.

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