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Controlling the Total Cost of Discovery: Tools, Rules and Accruals

The Great Recession may be over, but the pressure on corporate counsel to keep reducing litigation costs has not subsided. And as volumes of electronic information grow, the expense of dealing with that information in discovery remains a substantial portion of litigation budgets. In this CLE program, legal department professionals will explore three strategies for controlling discovery costs—

  • Tools: How to cut the cost of e-discovery programs by incorporating efficiency-boosting analytics tools into standardized, routine workflows.
  • Rules: How to leverage new amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which hold the promise of reducing costs by increasing the focus on proportionality in discovery.
  • Accruals: How to better understand—and contain—discovery costs by strategically collecting and analyzing discovery-related fees billed by law firms and other service providers.

Discussion Leader:

  • Jeanne Somma, Discovery Practice Director, DiscoverReady


  • Marla Bergman, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Goldman Sachs
  • Scott Coonan, Senior Director of IP, Litigation & Strategy, Juniper Networks
  • John Marchese, Executive Director & Associate General Counsel, CME Group
  • Thane Vallette, Associate General Counsel, HP

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