Accelerate Your Data Intelligence with FindForward™ Analytics

The amount of information corporations create and store continues to grow—making it ever more difficult to find meaning in the noise. DiscoverReady meets this escalating challenge with FindForward™ Analytics. FindForward™ Analytics integrates proven technology and processes with powerful analytics tools to generate innovative, effective solutions. Across our legal discovery, compliance, and data protection services, FindForward™ Analytics delivers fast insight and enables swift action. Our approach increases accuracy and defensibility, and drives down cost.

Gain speed to insight and action

When you’re facing terabytes of complex data and looking to find insight in your information, efficiently cutting out the irrelevant information becomes critical. FindForward™ Analytics rapidly identifies what’s relevant—and what’s not—inside structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, using a range of analytics and search-and-retrieval techniques. With accelerated insight, you can take quick and effective action.

Reduce risk

We incorporated our proven process-driven approach into FindForward™ Analytics. Every action is logged and available for reporting. Rigorous quality control ensures accurate results. And by testing, measuring, and validating results, FindForward™ Analytics improves the defensibility of your efforts—and reduces your risk.

Lower cost

FindForward™ Analytics controls the cost of information intelligence. With the right tools and targeted solutions, we eliminate inefficiency from your workflows and maximize the productivity of every resource deployed to a project.

FindForward™ Analytics for legal discovery

Responding to discovery in litigation and regulatory matters often involves sorting through terabytes or petabytes of complex data—a task no human team can accomplish without the right technology. With FindForward™ Analytics, we start with proven discovery tools; then we add smart analytics, statistics, and powerful customized technology to take your discovery process to new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and defensibility. FindForward™ Analytics eliminates irrelevant information at every step in the discovery workflow, maximizing resources and reducing costs.
•  Predictive Coding/TAR
•  Search Term Optimization
•  Concept Clustering
•  Near Duplicate Grouping
•  E-Mail Threading
•  Foreign Language Identification
•  Source Code Identification
•  PrivBank automated privilege screening
•  Enhanced PII Identification
•  Repeated Content Identification
•  BizBlast Filtering
•  Blackout Auto-Redaction

FindForward™ Analytics for compliance

Organizations face ever-increasing compliance challenges—regulators are demanding more information, more quickly, and more frequently. Yet with growing amounts of data, identifying what’s important is more difficult than ever. With FindForward™ Analytics, we can help you hone in on the right information, with workflows that are repeatable, scalable, and defensible.

  •  Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data scanning
  •  Sender/Recipient & Custodian analysis
  •  Geolocation analysis
  •  Social Networking analysis
  •  Timeline analysis
  •  Concept Clustering
  •  Predictive Coding/TAR
  •  Source Code Identification
  •  Search Term Optimization
  •  Automation of searching and search scripts

FindForward™ Analytics for data protection

Is there unprotected PII, intellectual property, or other sensitive information lurking in your systems? FindForward™ Analytics lets you find it, manage it, and protect it more effectively. From structured databases to unstructured office files, we use proven tools to uncover more of what matters—and automate the process so you can stay on top of data risk.

  •  Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data scanning
  •  Sensitive data analytics
  •  Automation of scanning and test scripts
  •  Source code identification and scanning