Engineered for the Enterprise

As an industry leading provider of technology services for information intelligence, we offer a wide range of robust data processing, hosting, and production services. Our technology solutions meet the quality, speed, and security expectations of the most demanding enterprise clients. DiscoverReady delivers that level of service with its world-class IT infrastructure.


Certified Tier 4 data center

DiscoverReady invested the resources to build an Uptime Institute-certified Tier 4 data center. We designed our Tier 4 systems to support mission-critical servers and systems, with fully redundant subsystems (including cooling, power, network connections, and storage) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access. These systems enable us to provide reliable, secure technology services partnerships with our clients. Our physical infrastructure includes:

  • Two fully functioning cross-replicating data centers with 10 Gbit connections and petabytes of storage
  • Redundant networks, with all critical servers in fail-over clusters or parallel systems
  • A powerful VM environment that uses Cisco UCS Blade servers
  • SAN storage for client data—with flash and RAID10 15k SAS drives—for fast database operations
  • New Isilon and NetApp NAS storage on 10 Gbit backplanes, for fast document access and transfer
  • 2 TB RAM and 40 CPU cores
  • Multiple Internet connections from different providers on different backbones to ensure continuous data availability from remote locations


Optimized software licensing

To fully leverage its physical IT resources, DiscoverReady secures the most favorable software licensing agreements. For the last six years, kCura awarded us its Orange-level Best in Service designation for our Relativity implementation, which includes a license that permits thousands of users. Our license for Nuix processing includes an unlimited number of workers, as does our license for LAW tiffing and endorsing software.

Effective data management

To properly handle our clients’ data, we developed and deployed a number of data management best practices, including:

  • A WAN system that allows intake from any DiscoverReady location
  • Dedicated B2B lines with clients
  • Data back-ups every six hours
  • A custom-built “health monitor” for Relativity that tracks speed and uptime
  • Active monitoring of all systems/components
  • Twice daily checks on critical components, and active resolution of watch items


Effective disaster recovery planning

Without adequate planning, even the best IT infrastructure can be paralyzed by a disaster—that’s why DiscoverReady created its robust disaster recovery plan. Managed at the executive level by our CTO, the plan provides clear directives and detailed procedures in case of a business interruption or disaster. Our plan contemplates the various disaster risks we might face, including building loss, internet loss, SAN outage, server outage, email outage, phone system outage, power outage, and workforce loss. The plan assesses the probability of each risk occurring, the impact of the problem on our business and our clients’ matters, and the functions affected by the problem.

Then the plan directs our team on:

  • Action: What to do when the interruption occurs
  • Responsibilities: Who takes what action
  • Resources: Third parties we may need for assistance