Review That Gets Results

Proactively transform document review with a proven process tailored to your needs—and ready to scale. DiscoverReady Review Services increases efficiency and delivers defensible results even in the largest cases. By applying the right talent to every technology, speed and accuracy go up while risk—and your total cost of discovery—go down.


Built for better

Founded to blaze new trails in efficient legal discovery, DiscoverReady brings more than a decade of managed review innovation to your legal department—and across your enterprise. Our industry-leading managed review workflows and processes generate proven results across a wide range of matters—litigation discovery, regulatory matters, internal investigations, compliance programs, and data security and privacy initiatives.

We’re always refining and improving our award-winning approach to document review. Those aren’t just empty words—we build in quality control others can’t match, and we test, measure, and document our process every step of the way.

Targeted talent
•  Review leadership with decades of experience in document review
•  Review teams with deep, specialized subject matter expertise
•  Client-dedicated project management professionals

Efficient workflows
•  Award-winning solutions that combine technology assisted review tools with high-quality managed review
•  Rigorous quality control, including statistical and judgmental sampling protocols
•  Constant monitoring and reporting of progress and results

Technology leadership
•  Smart, strategic use of technology that defensibly reduces document volumes to minimize manual review
•  Expertise in industry-leading review technology solutions
•  State-of-the-art review centers with advanced security measures that exceed the most demanding corporate and law firm requirements
•  Powerful, reliable, secure data centers that ensure fast access to documents with virtually zero down-time

Complete services, complete flexibility

As your information intelligence demands grow, DiscoverReady supports your growth with unlimited capacity and the agility to scale to your needs. Our workflows and processes help your people spend more time adding value—and less time managing routine tasks. And our approach builds in the flexibility to adapt to your preferences. Use our workflows and tools, or integrate your own—either way, our managed review delivers the same efficiency, quality, and cost savings.
We offer a complete suite of review services:
•  First pass review
•  Second pass review
•  Privilege review
•  Confidentiality & privacy screening and review
•  Redactions (automated and manual)
•  Privilege log creation
•  Foreign language review
•  Knowledge management support

And we review documents in a variety of matters:
•  Litigation discovery
•  Internal investigations
•  Regulatory responses
•  M&A second requests
•  Compliance review
•  Data privacy & security projects
•  Information Governance initiatives