Technology and Expertise Unmatched in the Industry

DiscoverReady Technology Services supports information intelligence for the enterprise. In a highly secure environment, we deliver fast, high-quality data processing, hosting, analysis, and production. Our experienced and creative team selects the most innovative—but proven and reliable—technology. Then we draw on decades of experience to augment the tools with customized implementations and workflows.

Fast, capable, reliable–and safe–infrastructure

DiscoverReady’s state-of-the-art technology handles the most demanding projects. From massive data volumes to quick turnaround times—or both—our hardware delivers. We maintain several petabytes of data storage. Our systems can process multiple terabytes of data per day. SAN storage systems, with flash and RAID10 15k SAS drives, ensure quick database operations. End users access data on screaming-fast Internet connections, through different providers and backbones, to guarantee continuous data availability. And we deliver reliability, with two fully functioning datacenters cross-replicated across 10 Gbit connections, redundant networks, and critical servers in fail-over clusters or parallel systems. But with cybersecurity threats lurking around every corner, speed, capacity, and reliability aren’t enough. DiscoverReady’s enterprise clients insist that our technology meets the most rigorous security and privacy standards. So we designed our physical, logical, and process controls to protect our clients’ most sensitive data, and pass their strictest security audits.

Effective, carefully chosen software

Our physical infrastructure supports a thoughtfully selected suite of powerful, flexible software tools. At the outset of each engagement, we partner with the client to understand the goals for the project, then we choose the right software to accomplish those goals. Whether it’s industry stalwarts like Relativity, Nuix, or LAW, or exciting new offerings from leading-edge companies, DiscoverReady picks the most effective tools from its toolbox. DiscoverReady also secures licensing agreements that maximize our efficiency. Our Relativity license permits thousands of users. (And for the last three years, kCura awarded us its Orange-level Best in Service designation.) Our license for Nuix includes an unlimited number of workers for processing, and our LAW license allows unlimited workers for tiffing and endorsing.

Customized, creative solutions

As powerful as our software tools are off-the-shelf, they reach their full potential only after our talented developers get their hands on them. Got a bunch of audio files that need to be redacted? We built an application for Relativity that allows reviewers to do that easily in their regular workflow. How about a collection with lots of Mac files? We created a custom script for Nuix to streamline that processing. Or maybe you encounter Bloomberg files? Our team developed an application that outputs those files for review in a user-friendly, familiar format. Perhaps you’ve already exported data from an internal system like Clearwell, and now you want us to host the data on a different platform? We created a custom application that loads your data without any re-processing. Those are just a few examples of the creative, practical solutions DiscoverReady designed to enhance its software capabilities. Bring us your information intelligence problem, and we’ll find a way to solve it.

Process-driven quality control

Even the best technology is not perfect. That’s why DiscoverReady developed its robust, process-driven quality control program. At each phase of a project, we implement a standardized and documented QC process. Our protocols require an experienced team member to check the output of our hardware and software, to find any glitches—and fix them—before deliverables go out. Clients have confidence that our work product is top quality, and their productions will satisfy discovery obligations with minimal risk of error.