Protecting Sensitive Data in Discovery

Reducing the Risk of Inadvertent Production of Sensitive Data


DiscoverReady FindFirst™ is a legally defensible, data-driven methodology powered by DiscoverReady FindForward™ Analytics to analyze, gain insight, and protect sensitive data throughout the discovery process.



Protecting sensitive data begins before we interact with your data. Our experts work with you to define your discovery Playbook outlining workflow and standard practices for data delivery to post-production, including best practices for secure data delivery, data confidentiality language, redaction workflows, and confirmation of the Protective Order.



After the initial processing of your data, we use our FindForward™ Analytics to identify and categorize common sensitive data types such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and Protected Health Information (PHI). Our analytics experts can refine the identification parameters to identify company, industry, and matter-specific sensitive data types. The results are passed as metadata within the review system used by your Document Review team.



During document review, our Managed Review team follows your Discovery Playbook to execute our consistent, repeatable process including affirmative coding decisions, protective/confidentiality agreements in place, and continuous communication with you from your experienced project manager and review manager.


We begin with our Apex™ Review process, a review of a sample set of sensitive data documents categorized by our FindForward™ Analytics, identifying types of documents in the population that need to be elevated for special treatment or decisions.


In addition to our quality control reviewers, most legal teams directly access our Relativity review system, where we have developed a feedback and halt control system allowing counsel to provide direct feedback to specific reviewers, including stopping their ability to review, until the reviewers read and acknowledge the feedback.


With every production request, we scan to verify the document population meets your inclusionary and exclusionary criteria before submission, providing a final check to detect for sensitive data.


To proactively protect your sensitive data, our Corporate Data Analytics service can leverage lessons learned during your discovery project to improve data quality and integrity within your information governance program.