Our solutions

Finding what matters is what we do best. For over 10 years we’ve led the legal discovery industry, powered by the right balance of smart people and smart technology. Our proactive, holistic approach puts you ahead of information intelligence challenges. DiscoverReady solutions help you secure sensitive information, reduce compliance complexity, and lower the cost of legal discovery.


    We deliver results-driven innovation in legal discovery. By leveraging powerful technology and analytics, putting the right people on each task, and deploying efficient processes, DiscoverReady Respond drives down discovery costs—with proven accuracy and defensibility. Find out how we can maximize value in your legal discovery >


    Compliance demands can take focus away from more strategic work. DiscoverReady Comply eases data-related compliance by simplifying the process of finding and reporting on regulated communications, documents, and other business information. Get compliance under control – Learn more >


    With ever-multiplying volumes of data, just finding your sensitive data can be a challenge—let alone protecting it. DiscoverReady Protect helps you focus quickly on risky information, then supports flexible mitigation options to keep your business and your brand safe. How well do you know your sources of data risk? We can help >