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InfoSec Guidance for In-House & Outside Counsel

Some InfoSec Guidance for In-House and Outside Counsel: ACC Issues its "Model Information Protection and Security Controls" In previous posts here on the blog, we’ve explored the ever-increasing

People, Process, & Technology: Still Important

People, Process, and Technology: A Familiar Refrain, but Still Critically Important Last week I attended the 2017 CLOC Corporate Legal Operations Institute. CLOC organized an excellent event, with

New NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulations

New Cybersecurity Regulations from the NYDFS - What do they Mean for Financial Institutions & Their Business Partners, in New York and Beyond? On March 1, 2017 a new, groundbreaking

Data Privacy & InfoGov Get Intimate

Data Privacy & Information Governance Get Intimate The Canadian company We-Vibe recently agreed to pay $5MM Canadian (~$3.75MM US) to settle a claim that they violated customers' privacy by

Won’t Someone Please Think of the Children?

While high-profile data breaches by hackers and hostile nation states grab the majority of headlines these days, even the most well-intended and seemingly mundane data sharing activities can trigger