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How Spinning a Good Yarn Can Improve Document Review in e-Discovery

Among the excellent papers presented at the DESI V Workshop earlier this summer in Rome, one held particular interest for me in connection with my role at DiscoverReady — Predictive Coding,

Predictive Coding and Freedom of Choice: Sedona Principle 6 in Action

The Sedona Principles for Electronic Document Production Sedona Principle 6:Responding parties are best situated to evaluate the procedures, methodologies, and technologies appropriate for preserving

Making Sure Your Predictive Coding Solution Doesn’t Cost More…

Depending on how it’s used, predictive coding may result in a discovery process that is less expensive than a process built around traditional search term based culling and manual document review.

A New “Prediction” for 2013

Time again for predictions. No, not about “the big game.” Vegas has that covered. I mean predictions about the future of e-discovery in 2013. But first, a look back at my not-entirely-fearless

Who Needs the Kardashians? We’ve Got Dodd-Frank

The Dodd Frank Act Financial services companies aren’t the only ones under heavy media scrutiny these days. Executives at all publicly traded companies now are subject to increased media scrutiny