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E-Discovery and the Internet of Things

It’s rare to read a legal publication these days – or even a mainstream newspaper or magazine – without coming across a story about the “Internet of Things,” or IOT. The IOT refers to the

Boo! Scary E-Discovery Stories

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I might tell some ghost stories. . . Some truly spooky e-discovery tales! Here are few of the scariest stories I know: It’s 3 pm on the Wednesday afternoon before

What is Information Governance and What Does It Have to Do with E-Discovery?

“Information Governance” – What’s All the Buzz About, and What Does IG Have to do with E-Discovery? “Predictive coding” reigned as the hot topic of conversation in legal technology

Back to Basics: How to Make Document Review Better

So much of what we talk about in the e-Discovery space these days focuses on what’s new and exciting, and what cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the way we conduct document

Big Law is Taking Information Security Concerns More Seriously – It’s About Time

The American Lawyer recently took their annual survey of technology executives from AmLaw 200 firms. The results are in, and here’s one of the most significant findings: Eighty-six percent of