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Yes, Counselor, There Will Be Math: Why Litigators Need to Learn Some Statistics

There’s a tired old joke out there among lawyers, many of whom sputter and wave their arms in protest when asked to engage in anything involving math: “But I went to law school to avoid

How Spinning a Good Yarn Can Improve Document Review in e-Discovery

Among the excellent papers presented at the DESI V Workshop earlier this summer in Rome, one held particular interest for me in connection with my role at DiscoverReady — Predictive Coding,

Document Review Decision Logs: Maximize the Value of this Simple Project Management Tool

Nick Milton, who writes an informative blog about knowledge management, posted a short piece recently on the effective use of decision logs in project management.  Because decision logs are a

Making Sure Your Predictive Coding Solution Doesn’t Cost More…

Depending on how it’s used, predictive coding may result in a discovery process that is less expensive than a process built around traditional search term based culling and manual document review.

The Redheaded Stepchild of E-Discovery — Keyword Search— Receives Another Beating

A few weeks ago, Judge Shira Scheindlin issued another opinion in National Day Laborer Organizing Network et al. v. United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, et al., a Freedom of