Topic: Electronic Discovery / E-Discovery

Lawyers Must Conquer Technophobia to Provide Competent Counsel

Remember visiting your grandparents’ – or parents’ – house and snickering at the digital “12:00” blinking perpetually on their VCR? Or maybe that was your VCR, and now you can chuckle and

Proposed Utah Rules May Be New Model for Discovery Standards

If Utah has a claim to fame, it is probably not for being the hotbed of legal innovation. That may be changing.  With its recent revisions to Utah Rule of Civil Procedure 26, Utah joined a growing

Delaware Provides Default e-Discovery Limits

Continuing a recent trend that has brought e-discovery to the forefront of legal commentary, the Federal District Court for the District of Delaware on December 8 followed the Federal Circuit’s

Taking the Time to Get it Right… DiscoverReady Team Holds Summit on Quality in Document Review

Year-end is always a busy time. In addition to keeping up with day-to-day client demands, it’s time for financial and operational planning for the coming year.  In our case, mix in a heavy dose

Chief Judge Rader’s Warning Shot Against Unreasonable Discovery

In his Sept. 27 presentation to the Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference, Federal Circuit Chief Judge Randall Rader presented solutions to the spiraling costs and excessive discovery