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Recent Developments in EU/US Cross-Border Data Transfers

Recent Developments in EU/US Cross-Border Data Transfers Late last year we provided an update on DiscoverReady’s certification under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield agreement, and shared some

Whyte Walkers Hack The HBO Wall

While Preparing For The Whyte Walkers, Hackers Breach The HBO Wall Is your corporate data at risk?  Does a dragon cook his fish before he eats it? The HBO data breach saga continues:  New

InfoSec Guidance for In-House & Outside Counsel

Some InfoSec Guidance for In-House and Outside Counsel: ACC Issues its "Model Information Protection and Security Controls" In previous posts here on the blog, we’ve explored the ever-increasing

Blind to Sensitive Corporate Data?

Sensitive Information in Unstructured Data: A Corporate Blind Spot? Consider this scenario described in a recent Forbes blog post: "Every quarter, a PR department receives the final quarterly

Judge Peck’s Latest “Wake-Up Call”

Time to Stop Dreaming about Boilerplate Objections – Answer Judge Peck’s Latest “Wake-Up Call” Magistrate Judge Peck doesn't hesitate to roust lawyers who are sleeping through their