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Taking the Time to Get it Right… DiscoverReady Team Holds Summit on Quality in Document Review

Year-end is always a busy time. In addition to keeping up with day-to-day client demands, it’s time for financial and operational planning for the coming year.  In our case, mix in a heavy dose

Chief Judge Rader’s Warning Shot Against Unreasonable Discovery

In his Sept. 27 presentation to the Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Conference, Federal Circuit Chief Judge Randall Rader presented solutions to the spiraling costs and excessive discovery

Predictive Coding in the Courts?

In her recent Law Technology News article, “Robot Review,” Farrah Pepper assesses the state of the “predictive coding” world. The article concisely addresses the range of issues at the

Security Begins at Home

Albert Baroscchini’s post, Are E-discovery Review Platforms a Serious Security Risk?, brings up an important discussion about the need to focus on the security of our online review platforms and

A missed opportunity… Micron v. Rambus

Micron vs Rambus On July 29, the Federal Circuit refused to reconsider its May 13 ruling in Micron v. Rambus (Micron) in which the Court determined that Rambus destroyed relevant evidence related to