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Making the Circle Complete … DiscoverReady and ACT Come Together

Earlier today, DiscoverReady announced the purchase of ACT Litigation Services. We couldn’t be more excited to bring together two of the best and brightest teams in the e-discovery industry. On

Did you hear about the Rajaratnams?

The headlines are awash with news of the Galleon trial and the federal prosecutors’ use of wire tapping to seal the verdict against Raj Rajaratnam. In other news, the CFTC is flexing its new

Opening Day in San Francisco!

No, we are not talking about opening day for the Giants at AT&T Park – that was back in April. . . We are talking about DiscoverReady’s office in San Francisco, which opened its doors for

A Clear and Convincing Decision: Microsoft v. i4i LP

Earlier this month, the United States Supreme Court issued its long-awaited ruling in the seminal case of Microsoft v. i4i LP.  The case has been the subject of considerable attention and commentary

Is America’s slowest-changing industry really changing?

When I graduated from law school in the early 1990’s the economy was rotten. Law firms were laying off associates. Summer programs were cancelled. Clerkships and permanent offers were hard to come