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Elektronische Beweismittel: ESI Discovery and the Volkswagen Emissions Cheating Scandal

My household owns an Audi A3 “clean diesel” car, which unfortunately turned out to be not-so-clean. So, I’ve been closely watching the news about the Volkswagen emissions testing scandal. (In

“Deflategate” and Text Messages: e-Discovery Lessons

E-Discovery finds itself in the headlines of the mainstream media again. This time, the general public gets a chance to learn about the discoverability of text messages—and the potential

The Internet of Things — Let the Litigation Commence

Last year I posted on our blog about the “Internet of Things,” and explored some ideas about how the IoT could generate new types of litigation and create complex challenges for e-discovery

Dear Mr. Speaker and Mr. President—The Supreme Court Submits to Congress the Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

In several prior posts here on the DiscoverReady blog, we presented analysis and updates regarding the slate of proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Yesterday those amendments

E-Discovery and the Internet of Things

It’s rare to read a legal publication these days – or even a mainstream newspaper or magazine – without coming across a story about the “Internet of Things,” or IOT. The IOT refers to the