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Preparing for GDPR Compliance

Are you prepared for the GDPR compliance? The General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect in less than a year, May 25, 2018. Don't worry, Maureen has gathered some of the most helpful GDPR resources published by law firms to help align your organization with GDPR compliance.

InfoSec Guidance for In-House & Outside Counsel

Previously, we’ve explored the ever-increasing information security risks faced by law firms, which hold some of their clients’ most sensitive and confidential information. This week, one of the world’s largest and most respected law firms fell victim to a ransomware attack, shutting down its entire computer network system for several days. The Model Controls address thirteen areas of security measures which are designed to serve as a list of baseline security measures that corporate counsel may consider requiring its outside law firms to implement.

Data Privacy & InfoGov Get Intimate

Data privacy and information governance get intimate in a recently-settled claim against the Canadian company We-Vibe. The lawsuit alleged that they violated customers' privacy by tracking the very intimate details surrounding usage of "adult sensual lifestyle products," which illustrates again the complexity and ramifications of data collecting, aggregation, and analytics in today's world. And what's particularly interesting is something we've discussed before on this blog, data context.

Good Information Governance: Streamlining E-Discovery Preservation and Collection

In a previous post here on the DiscoverReady blog, I began to explore information governance, or “IG.” I offered up a definition of information governance, explained why it’s a hot topic right now, and addressed the interplay between IG and other related topics such as big data and data privacy. I also promised an ongoing discussion of how a good information governance program can improve e-discovery efforts – and how a strategic e-discovery program can add value to information governance.