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InfoSec Guidance for In-House & Outside Counsel

Some InfoSec Guidance for In-House and Outside Counsel: ACC Issues its "Model Information Protection and Security Controls" In previous posts here on the blog, we’ve explored the ever-increasing

Beware the Public Wi-Fi

Ethics in e-Discovery One of the topics I speak about frequently is Ethics in e-Discovery. In my programs, I spend a good deal of time discussing the ethical duties to maintain the confidentiality of

Technology Assisted Review – Score Another Win for Freedom of Choice

In a blog post last year, "Predictive Coding and Freedom of Choice: Sedona Principle 6 in Action," we examined two cases in which one party sought to force another party to use predictive coding

In Pursuit of Better Privilege Logs – In the Empire State and Beyond

As most litigants are painfully aware, document review – even when managed efficiently and cost-effectively – often is the most expensive component of discovery. And in many cases the

What is Information Governance and What Does It Have to Do with E-Discovery?

“Information Governance” – What’s All the Buzz About, and What Does IG Have to do with E-Discovery? “Predictive coding” reigned as the hot topic of conversation in legal technology