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Blue Dots and Implications of Bias in Document Review

As we work with clients on data analytics projects—whether for legal discovery, compliance programs, or other information governance initiatives—we routinely use technology-assisted review and

Yes, Counselor, There Will Be Math: Why Litigators Need to Learn Some Statistics

There’s a tired old joke out there among lawyers, many of whom sputter and wave their arms in protest when asked to engage in anything involving math: “But I went to law school to avoid

Mac E-Discovery in a Windows World: Apples to Apples?

Over the last year I have worked on several matters involving data collected from Macs with a trusted partner, BlackBag Technologies. BlackBag is an industry leader in providing Mac-based forensic

Taking the Time to Get it Right… DiscoverReady Team Holds Summit on Quality in Document Review

Year-end is always a busy time. In addition to keeping up with day-to-day client demands, it’s time for financial and operational planning for the coming year.  In our case, mix in a heavy dose

Court approval of predictive coding? Not quite, but close.

A few weeks ago, our co-founder and CEO Jim Wagner wrote about the status of predictive coding and automated document review in the courts. The gist of Jim’s post was that litigants and counsel