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Yes, Counselor, There Will Be Math: Why Litigators Need to Learn Some Statistics

There’s a tired old joke out there among lawyers, many of whom sputter and wave their arms in protest when asked to engage in anything involving math: “But I went to law school to avoid math!” But for litigators engaged in discovery, math is no joke. In fact, to competently represent their clients, attorneys must acquire a basic working knowledge of a few key statistical concepts.

Mac E-Discovery in a Windows World: Apples to Apples?

I have worked on several matters involving data collected from Macs with a trusted partner, BlackBag Technologies. They are an industry leader, providing Mac-based forensic and e-discovery data solutions. I co-authored this post with Paul Jordan, BlackBag’s VP of Corporate Development, who helped me advance my knowledge of why Mac e-discovery should be handled differently than Windows

Taking the Time to Get it Right… DiscoverReady Team Holds Summit on Quality in Document Review

Year-end is hectic with client demands and financial and operational planning for 2012. As we improve our practices, we incorporate the best planning, process, automation and sampling so we can deliver the highest levels of quality and defensibility in document review. Busy senior-level team members discuss quality in document review.

Court approval of predictive coding? Not quite, but close.

Litigants and counsel considering the use of predictive coding and automated document review shouldn’t wait for a court decision to bless them first.  In an apparent case of great minds thinking alike, Magistrate Judge Peck of the Southern District recently echoed Jim’s thoughts in a Law Technology News article.

They’re at it again! How Anne Kershaw and Joe Howie are changing the world of document review.

Jim reflects on the results from a recent eDiscovery Institute survey and makes the case for using automation as a complete review substitute.