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Turning Known Unknowns into Known Knowns: Statistical Sampling in Search Term Workflows

Here at DiscoverReady, we believe in the power of incorporating TAR and other analytics into discovery workflows—these tools can reduce volumes of electronically stored information, effectively

Sampling for Sensitive Data: Sample “Depth”

In a previous blog entry, Richness and Precision and Recall (Oh My!), we began to explore the many complexities of estimating richness, precision, and recall when searching for sensitive information.

Richness and Precision and Recall (Oh My!)

Many of our blog readers are familiar with the concepts of richness, precision, and recall. We published a series of posts explaining these statistical measurements (in parts one, two, and three), we

How to Go Where Angels Fear to Tread: Best Practices for Developing and Negotiating Keyword Search Terms

In United States v. O’Keefe, United States v. O’Keefe, 537 F. Supp. 2d 14 (D.D.C. 2008), former U.S. Magistrate Judge John Facciola tackled the subject of using keyword search terms to help

Putting Statistics to Work in eDiscovery: Use Cases for Incorporating Statistical Sampling and Analysis

Incorporating Statistical Sampling and Statistical Analysis in eDiscovery In two prior posts, I first made the case that all litigators need to understand some basic statistics, and then provided a