Practical Strategies for Search Term Optimization in eDiscovery

Keyword Search Terms: The reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated.

That’s right, keyword searches for legal discovery are not dead. Despite the hype over the last few years about predictive coding and TAR, keyword based searches—when used properly—remain an effective, defensible way to cull down document collections for review, and identify particular types of documents within a collection. But too often litigants and lawyers use keyword searches without properly testing and validating the terms.

In this complimentary DiscoverReady webinar, a panel of experienced practitioners will share successful strategies for optimizing keyword search terms. They will explain how using optimized search terms can significantly reduce the number of irrelevant documents reviewed, making document review more efficient and cost-effective. They will also discuss how optimized terms reduce the risk that opponents will lodge discovery challenges, because additional relevant material often can be identified, and processes are validated through random sampling and statistics.

During this e-Discovery Webinar Learn How To:

  • Apply the lawyer’s understanding of the case—and the technologist’s understanding of search tools and lexicon—to develop and critically analyze search terms.
  • Refine search terms to bring back a higher percentage of relevant documents, and improve the “precision” of the search.
  • Reduce the amount of potentially relevant material left behind by the search terms, and improve the “recall” of the search.
  • Test proposed search terms against a statistically established set of sample documents, and generate objective, quantifiable evidence in support of the terms.


Peter Pepiton – eDiscovery Director at Dinsmore & Shohl

Peter is the eDiscovery Director at Dinsmore & Shohl in Cincinnati. He manages the litigation support department and oversees the firm’s eDiscovery educational and outreach initiatives. He is also an internal consultant for collection and culling methodologies and designing review protocols.

Julie Richer  Legal Technology Program Manager at American Electric Power (AEP)

Julie is the Legal Technology Program Manager at American Electric Power (AEP) in Columbus Ohio. AEP is an electric utility company with 18,500 employees across 11 states. Julie manages discovery processes such as data collection, preservation, and processing as well as document review activities. Julie also manages the Legal Operations team responsible for invoicing, reporting, vendor management, process improvement, knowledge management and application support.

Eric Willis – Director, Analytics and Automation at DiscoverReady

Eric leads the DiscoverReady Analytics and Automation team, which delivers services that help our clients find new ways to organize and understand information, reduce the volumes of data flowing into discovery, and ultimately lower discovery costs. The team brings together leading technology and software, statistical testing and measurement, and decades of professional expertise and judgment.


Maureen O’Neill – SVP Discovery Strategy at DiscoverReady

Maureen advises clients on the development and execution of effective, cost-efficient discovery strategies, including the use of statistical sampling, predictive coding and other analytics and automation tools. She speaks and writes frequently on significant issues in e-discovery, including the use of predictive coding, statistical sampling and other advanced analytical tools in discovery.