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Top 5 Ethical Issues in eDiscovery

Although the rules of professional conduct applicable to the discovery of electronically stored information ("ESI") are no different than the rules governing traditional paper discovery, there are some aspects of e-discovery that give rise to unique ethical considerations. This white paper explores several of the most common, and most thorny, of those concerns — the Top 5 ethical issues in e-discovery.

Achieving Process-Driven Quality Document Review

This paper details the steps involved in developing and executing a high-quality document review. It explores how to build a sound review process, and optimize the available human and technology resources, to achieve a defensible review that satisfies a litigant’s document discovery obligations.

i-Decision Executive Summary

DiscoverReady is a leading professional services firm that specializes in streamlining and optimizing discovery management for in-house legal departments and their counsel, serving mostly Fortune 500 companies. DiscoverReady has recently launched a revolutionary method of document review known as i-Decision™, which marries technology with human intelligence to create a rapid, consistent and accurate first pass review.

SEC Investigation Case Study

When a nationally-recognized investment firm (the Fund) received a pressing inquiry from the SEC, the principals of the Fund engaged a top law firm (the Firm) to guide them through the process. The Firm’s immediate challenge was how to digest a substantial volume of client email in a matter of weeks in order to prepare the Fund’s management team for imminent SEC depositions.